Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why NaturallyCaron Spa is the Worst Yarn Ever

My dad told me that for Christmas, my sister wanted a hat like my "Meret".  My sister is 8 and absolutely adorable, so how could I say no?  However, this also inspired me to knit something for my 14 year old brother, as well.  Unfortunately, I had this conversation with my dad 6 days ago.  So now I'm trying to knit some fingerless gloves for my brother and desperately trying to finish them before Christmas.

Now, I don't have a local yarn store near me.  The closest one is about 30 miles away, which means I'm pretty much stuck with online orders, Hobby Lobby, or Michael's.  I didn't have time to order anything and getting in and out of the parking lot at Michael's is a suicide mission, so Hobby Lobby it was.

When I saw the skein of NaturallyCaron Spa, I thought it was perfect for my brother.  It's 75% acrylic, 25% bamboo, and 100% soft and squishy!  I knew it would hold up to the abuse that my bro would obviously put it through while still being warm and comfortable.

And it's a great color!

Unfortunately, there's a problem.  Although it seems to be nice and tightly wound on the skein, once I started knitting with it, it became the splittiest yarn ever in the history of splitty yarns EVAR.  Also, while the shininess was part of it's appeal to me, it also seems to be very, very slippery which is seriously fucking with my tension.

This is what happens while knitting with this yarn.  This is bad.
So while I'm going to stick it out and finish the damn gloves, I am never, ever using this yarn again.  Thank the sweet, merciful Goddess that I'm almost done with the first glove as it will seriously say something for my will power if I don't melt the fucking leftovers after I'm done.