Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A noble cause

My sister is in law school and is currently interning (or is it externing?  I always get that confused) with the legal department at a hospital and she sometimes talks to me about this over messenger.  Apparently one of her duties to to review complaints and determine whether or not the hospital is probably going to get sued.  On the one she was working today, she consulted dozens of cases and statutes as well as her text book before finally coming to a conclusion. So I asked if they were going to get sued.

Sis: hahaha I think we're good [proceeds to lay out 3 paragraphs on why she feels that way] This is what I'm choosing to do with my life, by the way...

Me: LOL, have fun with that.  I'm choosing to spend my life trying to talk people out of using animated kitten gifs and Comic Sans font.

Sis: I think that's actually a far more noble cause. Until comic sans is just banned across the board--that's where I come in!

Me: I WILL SUE ALL THE COMIC SANS! You better watch your back, Papyrus - you're next!

Sis: Here's my co-counsel: Charles Carreon

And this is why my sister is going to be the best lawyer ever.

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