Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's a uterus, not a clown car.

7 months ago when the story broke about Nadia Sulman having 8 babies, there was much debate raised about fertility treatments and how many is too many.

We don't know about you, but this is what we picture when we hear "Octomom"

Now, there is a woman in Tunisia who claims to be pregnant with 12 babies. That's right. 12. A dozen. All in her uterus. Just in case that didn't blow your mind enough, that's 12 small people growing inside her. We have a friend that lives in a quadraplex. There's more people inside this woman's belly than lives in our friend's building. If you thought Nadia's belly was huge after 8 (search on Google Images for "octomom" yourself - we did that once and that was bad enough!) just imagine what 12 will look like.

And she wants to have a natural birth for all of them.

Now. Let's look at some scientific facts. In mammals, the number of nipples that an animal has indicates the maximum size of a litter, and half that number for the usual amount of babies. As we all should know (and if you didn't, you probably shouldn't admit it), humans have two, so according to nature, the usual amount of bebehs is 1, the max usually being 2. That means this woman is pregnant with 6 times the maximum amount of kids that nature intended her to have.

It's not a contest, people.

UPDATE: Lynn just informed us in the comments that this has already been exposed as a hoax! This article says that the woman claimed she was 9 months pregnant. The implausibility of a woman being able to carry that many fetuses to term notwithstanding, we're pretty sure that the doctors were able to call "bullshit" just looking at her. (Again, we'll let you Google-Image Octomom yourselves)

So, the question remains: Which is crazier - If this had actually been true, or faking being 9 months pregnant with 12 babies?


  1. It's already been exposed as a fraud:


  2. Wow, that was fast! The story only broke yesterday!

    So what's crazier: If this had actually been true, or the fact that this woman was so starved for attention that she faked being pregnant with 12 babies?

  3. Eeep! I can't imagine either having that many babies to care for at once, or being so attention starved I was willing to fake something like that!