Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Bastard's Job Odyssey

The Bastard is finally employed again!  WOO HOO!!  It's been awhile and I know he's been going stir crazy.  I also know that he's going to be working for a special brand of crazy...

This all started when he got a call from JB, telling him that a spot opened up in another department where he works, looking for general IT and server upkeep.  So of course, The Bastard instantly put his name in the hat.  This is exactly the kind of work that he wants to do for a living, so we were totally excited!

Then came the bad news.  He'll only be working part-time, and his bosses are a collection of intellectual prima-donnas.  None of his predecessors in this position have lasted six months because the couldn't deal with the crazy.

So while I'm completely excited that he's working again, and in a field that he loves, I'm a little worried about the longevity of this job.  However, I do still hold some hope.  After all, The Bastard is still a crazy magnet, so he's had lots of practice with this sort of thing!

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