Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh, Springs131...hOw we'VE mISsEd yOU!!!11!1!!!!

Big props to loomatic from the Rubberneckers group on Ravelry for finding this little gem!  For those of you who are not familiar with Springs131, she is the restaurant customer from Hell.  I pity the poor abused servers that end up with this nightmare at their table!  If you're not familiar with the screen name, you may also know her by "The rAnCh DrEsSiNg lady" as she is famous for her crazy, excessively punctuated, randomly bolded, erratically italicized, nonsensically capitalized ranch dressing rants.

In case you've missed out on all the fun check out this link, and this one, too.


  1. She even posts as "Springs1" as well. Google both of those nicks and you'll find a plethora of her craziness. I think she is OCD since she just joins forums just to bitch at people. Yet she still copies and pastes and same damn thing since 2004-2005.

    Here are some more examples:

    (Springs1 is not a mother herself, but joins in anyway when one of the mothers talked about waitressing and restaurant service. She even joined in other mommy communities too.)

    Makes me wonder why no one made an Encyclopedia Dramatica or Portal of Evil profile of her.

  2. Yes!!! Oh, the fights are so fun to read!!! Check out this epic winner, starting with comment #92. Hilarious!

  3. Oh yeah, the link!