Thursday, July 9, 2009

Holy Bandwith Killer!


Before reading any farther, PLEASE NOTE:
***The following blog entry is about Religion**

This site is not here to try and denounce your beliefs or whatever. We're merely here to entertain. We here at Don't Poke the Crazy DO NOT discriminate against ANYONE. We'll make fun of all your religions, regardless of who you are. Cause lets face it, every religious group has their fanatics that even those of the faith want nothing to do with.

With that said, if you are easily offended by pokes at your spirituality, please find something else to do. However, if you're twisted like me, strap yourself in; this is likely to be a LONG post that's a lot of crazy.


I love Conspiracy Theorists. This somewhat small but loud-mouthed group of people have been confusing the world with the unsubstantiated since the dawn of time. Likewise, I love religion! Am I religious? Not in the slightest, but learning the stories and histories behind them can be very interesting. Not to mention the type of control of the masses politicians have wet dreams about. So what happens when you mix conspiracies and religion?


Welcome to the world of HOLY CRAP! (Yes, pun intended!)

First off, you might notice just how big this utter waste of resources is. One massive page with hundreds of other massive pages linking off of it. Who needs frames or a site map when you can overload the senses of your viewers to the point they just randomly click for hours? It happened to me!

Now, don't think bad of me for posting this in the Crazy. Even several Christians I've shown this to have commented about the amount of bullshit on that it's literally making the whole internet stink. But there's several things I've found that I'd like to point out. Don't worry, I'll post links so you don't spend hours trying to find it.

One is the Signs of Satan! What do George Bush, Barack Obama, Spider Man, Metallica, and Helen Keller all have in common? They're all Satanist according to this website. Now come on... The deaf-mute girl and the politicians, I can see that. But Metallica?

*stops head-banging* Now then, check out this page. YES, I will agree that there are several things in Washington DC that are pagan oriented. But really, what in this world ISN'T?!? Ever heard of Christmas? I got news for ya kids, December 25th is the date of the PAGAN HOLIDAY YULE! Not the birth of Christ, which many theological researchers agree was really sometime in the spring/summer. And, since the creators of spent so much time creating imaginary lines, I did a little myself. And look who's in the middle!

BUSTED! It turns out they're really satanist themselves! Explains why they know SO much about it. More so than any other Christian should!

And one final page...hate to tell you, but even if you're Christian you're in trouble....

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  1. I was with 'em until "Beer Kills". I'm sorry, I just can't abide that kind of bigotry...