Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010: A Fresh Start (and late, as usual)

The Redhead here. I'm changing this blog, because as a woman it is my prerogative to change my mind. So nyah. Plus all those awesome bitches on the LSG Anti-Lard Alliance on Ravelry inspired me to post about mine and the Bastard's progress as we embark on this most-decidedly crazy journey, commonly called P90X.


So here's first post, copied and pasted (as most of these posts probably will be) with minimal editing from LSG ALA:

Posted February 2, 2010:

Ok, so the Bastard found this 90-day workout/diet program called P90X. I’d never heard of it, but apparently he’d read all this crazy-awesome stuff about it and really wanted to do it. So, we were able to ::ahem:: get our hands on the DVDs and materials and just started last night.

Hmmm… I say diet program and that really sounds sketchy. It’s more like… training you how to eat and think about your food, although it’s really, really structured at the beginning. I’m used to eating EVERYTHING with rice or pasta, and now I’ve had to cut waaaay back on it (half a bagel in the morning and one small portion of carbs at dinner) but I’m eating way more protein.

But I’m not cutting out the daily yogurt, even though it technically puts me over my carb and dairy allowances. I figure it doesn’t put me over by that much, and a yogurt a day keeps the yeasties away! (Plus, I’ve read in several fitness articles that yogurt helps your metabolism)

For the 1st 30 days, you cut back on carbs, fat, and sugar and eat more protein; the 2nd 30 days, you add some more carbs and scale back the protein a bit; the 3rd 30 days, you cut back a little more on the protein and add a little bit more carbs - which will put me back to about what I was eating before in terms of carb/protein ratios, but hopefully smarter and healthier choices. Oh! I’m also supposed to eat 5-6 times each day in smaller portions, too, which I’ve read over and over again is healthier anyway.

In the meantime, though, we’ve gone through one video (last night) and it kicked my ass!!! It was the Chest & Shoulders video. And I HAAAAAAAAATE push-ups and pull-ups! The weights part wasn’t so bad, but DAMN. I’d want to go run over our pull-up bar with a bulldozer if I hadn’t just bought the thing a few weeks ago!

Anyone else tried the P90X? Maybe some tips? I already know not to get discouraged because I can’t keep up with the video, blah blah blah - and actually I was pretty pleased with myself for doing as much as I did last night. I’m still towards the Wuss end of the Wussification scale, but I’m not quite as wussy as I thought I was!

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