Thursday, February 11, 2010

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So in addition to all the computer problems (that really didn’t get fixed until yesterday because we had to ::ahem:: reacquire the DVDs), the weekend really fucked up our plan. Sunday was the worst - Super Bowl Party + beer = low self-control! On the bright side, we felt so miserable after all the crappy food on Monday that it really motivated us to get back on the original plan. So we went back to the diet on Monday and started with the arms & shoulders workout yesterday. We also did Ab Ripper X for the first time.


That fucking sucked. There’s this dude with absolutely no fat on him just going like a fucking robot on these ab exercises. If you see the video he’s the black dude on the right side of the screen - not that he’s easy to miss! He’s like a fucking machine. He had no shirt on and his abs are fucking incredible!

I normally love ab exercises, but these are so much more extreme than I’ve ever done. I just have to keep thinking “bikini… bikini… bikini…”

By the way, thanks to Cruzer, Ashley1313, lisaab, BlackDahlia, Rodeogal, and bellatrixED for all the support! Keep kicking my ass, ladies - I’m gonna need it! :P

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